The Plan to Promote Taekwondo around the World
The Plan to Promote Taekwondo around the World
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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced a plan to develop Taekwondo over the next 4 years in November 2013. The intent of this plan is to make Taekwondo more popular around the world by celebrating the fact that it was chosen as one of the core sports for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by the International Olympic Committee last September. Taekwondo has been working to change the negative perception that it is “boring” and that “the judgments are often suspect.” By adopting electronic protective gear that registers points and revising its rules before the London Olympics, Taekwondo change its reputation. In addition, the ministry seeks to develop the sport through this plan that includes the development of technologies and education about Taekwondo. Moreover they hope to communicate with other countries by dispatching Taekwondo masters to give first hand demonstrations.A

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