Enjoy Your College Days Carpe Diem: Seize the Day
Enjoy Your College Days Carpe Diem: Seize the Day
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Hwa-Hee Kim
     Have you ever felt being excited about travelling while on vacation? Most college students will surely nod their heads at this. I have also felt this way, but it was frivolous for me to have traveled during vacation. This really hit home when I returned and had to face reality.
     In the past I have gotten stressed out about improving my foreign language skills. Several years ago, after summer vacation it was the first day of the new semester when I heard all my friends talking about their TOEIC. All of a sudden, I regretted because I just spent my entire vacation traveling. I felt really guilty, so I registered for a TOEIC course, bought some books, and decided to study TOEIC.
     Unfortunately nothing went smoothly. I felt frustrated, but I knew I had to persevere. I didn't always feel anxiety about my English studies. Most of my schoolmates was always absorbed in their majors all year, and then they made committed efforts to improve their English during summer vacation.
     Some said they didn't even have time to eat. When I heard this, I couldn't help but laugh. It seemed to me that someone had robbed us of the romantic notions about college life. Don't get me wrong. That kind of life is fine for some people. No one should be criticized for leading an earnest academic life. A person who prepares for his or her future is a responsible person. It is impossible to ignore the demand of companies that want prepared people.
     However, its almost as if I can feel the pressure increasing, and sometimes I feel like I am going to hyperventilate. I don't think I am alone either. Many students get frustrated these days. We need to find outlets for the increasing pressure we are under. Here is my prescription. I believe we should enjoy college life. I think it is a really sad thing that so many students seem to close their eyes and forget about making good memories during college, and just throw themselves into a pile of books.
     It is a good thing to explore the romantic aspects of campus life - the cherry blossoms in Lovers' Lane, various school festivals with full of passion, the Folk Village with maple trees, and the beautiful night view of the Mirror Pond. Without wandering too far we can easily find romantic and beautiful places. If someone says "I have no time to enjoy campus life", then I would respond saying "Use your time reasonably."
     This is supposed to be the best time of our lives. Time is the most precious commodity in the world. Once it's gone we can never get it back. We should do our best for our life, but we can take time to enjoy college life. Youth does not last forever, and neither will our campus life.

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