Innovation and Security Concerns in Unmanned Stores
Innovation and Security Concerns in Unmanned Stores
  • Lee Su-min
  • 승인 2024.05.28 20:14
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  The consumption trend and technological innovations are making our lives convenient. One example is ‘unmanned stores,’ of which there are various types, including those selling ice cream, meal kits, conveniences, and even photo studios. They provide convenience to our daily lives while providing new consumption experiences. However, these innovations are causing new security concerns.
  Criminal cases involving unmanned stores have been increasing raapidly, a real problem we face. These crimes seem to be caused by the weaknesses of the way unmanned stores operate. Although it has the advantage of workforce reduction and 24-hour operation, this convenience has a problem: it is difficult to respond quickly in the event of an incident, making it vulnerable to theft and security. In fact, according to the Korean National Police Agency, the number of thefts at unmanned stores increased by 34% in 2022 compared to the previous year. The store was particularly vulnerable on weekends and late at night. In addition, unmanned stores are complex to solve when product inquiries and refund requests occur due to difficulties in responding to customers, and there is a high risk of service interruption due to technical defects or system errors.
  I also think that unmanned stores have more disadvantages than advantages. Even if technology develops, it still often requires human touch. Unmanned stores can provide convenience for customers, but it is a big task to solve safety problems and maintain customer services. 
  Therefore, a systematic response is necessary to consider both efficiency and security. CCTV and security systems should be strengthened, and new systems capable of real-time monitoring and immediate response should be introduced. It is also essential to provide regular education and training on crime prevention and response, and establish an active cooperation system with local police stations and communities. Through these comprehensive measures, the stability of unmanned stores can be secured, and an environment that consumers can use with confidence can be created. Also, consumers should be actively interested in this issue.


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