Xenophobia - Our Wise Posture
Xenophobia - Our Wise Posture
  • Chae Sun-woo
  • 승인 2024.05.28 19:50
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  The issue of racism is increasingly prevalent in many areas of the film industry. Recently, it has become controversial in the film industry that famous white actors seem to ignore the trophies won by Asian actors at their awards ceremonies. It may be a minor incident for someone. Still, you have to be very careful because the more areas you are interested in, the more rigorous or sensitive they sometimes become.
  What term is commonly used to describe this? People commonly say ‘Xenophobia.’ Xenophobia means to show a hostile attitude toward foreigners or ethnic groups out of fear of strangers, like hating or ostracizing them. The issue can be subdivided into details, and the above example corresponds to ‘Microaggression,’ which minutely discriminates based on minor differences.
  Such problems can lead to human rights violations and, in some cases, have serious mental health consequences, including stress. Additionally, the cognitive aspects of Xenophobia and racism work best, and they are deeply embedded in different societies. Sometimes, it turns up as violent crimes.
  Various countries have enacted laws in response to this. For example, the U.S. has made many contributions to establishing discrimination and universal citizenship through the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Australia is also striving to raise awareness of society by promulgating the Racism Act. 
  However, despite these bills, the issue of discrimination in modern society is still ongoing. That is why I think we should be alert to discrimination once again. As I said before, this issue can cause many problems. There will have to be more time to reflect on what we say without thinking deeply and correcting it. Don’t judge and criticize others prematurely. Only then will we understand each other with empathy and respect. It will be the most basic courtesy to have for a person. I believe that this problem will gradually disappear. Don’t worry, everyone, we can do it. We are all worth it.


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