Global Chatbot Craze
Global Chatbot Craze
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.03.29 17:00
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Provided by Pixabay
(Provided by Pixabay)

  ‘ChatGPT’ is a hot topic all around the world. It is an interactive artificial intelligence (AI) created by Open AI. It responds to user questions or requests based on data up to Sep. 2021. Many Chat AIs have been released internationally and announced their release in line with this. Examples include ‘Chatbot Bard’ in the United States, ‘Chat Yuan’ in China, and ‘KoGPT’ and ‘Search GPT’ in Korea.
  Google’s ‘Chatbot Bard’ is an AI search engine service. It was created to compete with ‘ChatGPT.’ It responds in an interactive format. The advantage is that the information provided is current because it gathers and answers with information from the web, not accumulated data. 
  ‘Chat Yuan’ is China’s first chatbot AI created by a Chinese startup. It can be used on ‘WeChat,’ a Chinese messenger app. It can write Chinese sentences at the human level, and perform various tasks such as specialized knowledge and information search. 
  Korean companies are developing Chatbot AI specializing in Korean. ‘KoGPT’ is Chatbot AI developed by Kakao. It can judge the positives and negatives of Korean sentences. Also, it can understand a given sentence contextually, and create a sentence that fits user intentions. ‘Search GPT’ is a Chatbot being developed by Naver. It uses ‘Hypercrova X’ which is 6,500 times better at learning Korean than ‘ChatGPT’. Its goal is to provide high productivity and AI that provides the desired answer. It is scheduled to be released in July 2023. 
  Chatbot is helpful to us. AI learns vast amounts of information. However, it has obvious disadvantages. First, there is a possibility that AI will also give a wrong answer. ‘Chatbot Bard’ gave a wrong answer on its launch day. It is not good to have blind faith in AI’s answer. Second, there is a copyright issue. Since it combines numerous pieces of information, there is a problem in determining who owns the answer. Finally, there is a possibility of abuse. There have been situations in which students take assignments or exams with ‘ChatGPT’ throughout the United States.

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