Language Astray by Gen MZ
Language Astray by Gen MZ
  • Woo Ji-yun
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:46
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  All languages naturally change and vary by region, generation, and occupation. We use slang for a sense of belonging and communicative convenience. However, why do some condemn the words Generation MZ use as destructive? 
  People want to talk quickly and freely. With these needs, there are many newly-coined words. However, newly-coined words are unfamiliar to older people, thereby inhibiting conversation. When something tastes good, you can say it is “JMT.” Gen MZ understands what it means, but others may not understand it, so they must ask for the meaning again. This type of language gap blocks communication between generations, and excessive use of new words can even inhibit conversations within Gen MZ. 
  With the development of communication technology, we spend more time on SNS. When we communicate through SNS, we try to text quickly, thus destroying words. Generally, misspelled words occur by mistakes. However, misspelled words are a trend among Gen MZ. If you get used to using misspelled words, you will have poor grammar and vocabulary, even if you knew the correct expression previously. 
  Lastly, Gen MZ uses a lot of hate speech. Hate speech covers hatred, violence, and discrimination against a person or group, causing social conflict. According to the “National Perception Survey Report on Hate Speech” released in 2020, 39.9% of those in their 20s and 20.4% in their 30s have used hate speech. Among respondents in their 40s, the usage rate dropped to 13.3%.
 Languages are constantly changing, but the essential function of language is communication. Communication occurs with other people. Therefore, Gen MZ’s words should be viewed as destructive rather than creative change. 


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