What Is Wrong with My Clothes?
What Is Wrong with My Clothes?
  • Wee Jeong-je
  • 승인 2022.05.25 20:39
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  What do you wear to visit  convenience store in front of your house? One of the  convenience store owners posted a notice saying, ‘Do not enter in pajamas.’ Controversy arose when this fact was known on SNS. At that time, some people entered convenience stores wearing shower robes, not pajamas. After this fact became known, most respondents said it was wrong to go to a convenience store in shower robes. Then can I go to the convenience store in my pajamas? I favor going to a convenience store in pajamas for two reasons.
  The first reason is the existence of the word ‘Seulsegwon.’ Seulsegwon is a combination of ‘slippers’ and ‘area,’ similar to the station area. It usually means that slippers and comfortable clothes are allowed in convenience stores and movie theaters within a 500-meter radius. Many people prefer areas where they can visit convenience stores in comfortable clothes, and comfortable clothes include simple pajamas. I think many people agree that Seulsegwon, one of the important factors in choosing an area of residence, can allow going to a convenience store wearing pajamas.
  The second reason is individual freedom to wear clothes without harming others. Of course, the degree of damage to others may be a somewhat subjective criterion. In addition, there are cases in which costumes are implicitly set, such as funerals and interviews. However, except for these cases, I think it is an area of personal choice if you wear only underwear, close to underwear, or if you wear clothes that do not make people frown, as the majority agree.
  I do not think it is wrong to wear pajamas to a convenience store based on the above two reasons. It is individual freedom to buy a house and dress where many people can already go to convenience stores in pajamas. What is your opinion?


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