Your Attention Prevents School Violence
Your Attention Prevents School Violence
  • Jung Yu-jin
  • 승인 2021.06.03 14:47
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  There are growing calls to prevent school violence, but the number of victims is increasing every year. What is the reason? It is because of indifference. There are many people who don’t even know that school violence occurs, and some people know the fact but don’t care about it because it’s someone else’s problem.
  In February last year, two male students harassed and repeatedly beat another male student at a village school in Cheonghak-dong. They committed bizarre acts such as feeding body fluid and taking off his clothes. The school authorities were unaware of the situation until the investigation began months later.
  At the time of the brutal violence, the perpetrators and the victim were sharing a dormitory room. After living together for about five days, the victim was moved to another room for unrelated reasons. However, the assaults continued even after moving to a different room. The perpetrators called him to their room and punched him. The perpetrators punched him under the guise of mischief and assaulted him using tools such as broomsticks. Also, the victim testified that more than ten middle and high school students were routinely assaulted.
  Some victims informed the authorities of the assaults, but the school only briefly settled the situation and did not come up with a fundamental solution. Although the assaults occurred in and out of the village school building day and night, no actions were taken. However, regarding the delay in grasping the situation, the school explained that it was impossible to know everything that happened between the students.
  Those who don’t want to make a big deal out of it, and bystanders who just watch school violence, are also perpetrators. If you are witnessing school violence, you should call the 117 school violence report center or go to the website for the prevention of school violence ( Your attention can help prevent school violence.


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