Is Part-Time Job Benefit for You?
Is Part-Time Job Benefit for You?
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A job portal ‘Alba Chunguk’ has launched a new advertisement, slogan as “shining the new part-time job culture”. For making “proud” part-time job culture, it offers a free online employment contract and prepares events; offering a breakfast and compensation the cost of interview. However it wonders that part-time job workers think them as proud.

▲ The chart shows many kinds of unfair experiences during part-time job.

A part-time job reporting center (managed by AlbaChunkuk, Ministry of Employment and Labor, and Seoul Labor Rights and Interests) got almost 230 complaints during June, 2016. There were 519 complaints in the total of Albamon and AlbaChungkuk from April to July; 32% from complains was about unfair treatments, 26% was about unfair pay, and 14% was about customers. A (Yeungnam University student) felt odd, as she cannot be treated as human. Even if she broke a bottle in the store, the owner just worried about her bottle. B (Yeungnam University student) also has uncomfortable experience; he just bought or skipped his lunch because of irregular lunch offer. C (Yeungnam University student) felt uncomfortable because the owner always watched CCTV in the store. And D (Yeungnam University student) said that she did not have any qualification to turn on air conditioner in the hot summer, so she just turned on it when the owner said.

According to unfair situations in part-time job, many Yeungnam University part-time job workers have their opinions about the best way for the change of part-time surrounding. Report about the unfair situations and recognition improvement is the answer about the question; what is an effective way to change our part-time culture? Restrict the number of CCTV, fine when not treating workers as a human, and give fixed minimum wages strictly are the answer of the question; what is the way to prevent part-time job workers from unfair treatments. Mostly, they want to lead on labor legislations.

Although many programs are conducted in part-time job portal sites and labor union, there are still many problems. E (Yeungnam University student) said that “I usually endure the situation in part-time job. If I quit my job, I should take a time for finding another part-time job. It is too hard, so I usually just follow it.” Also, “It is more important to be active for appealing our rights than to change an attitude or legislation of it. It can be the strongest power to find our rights as the base.”

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