Two Ways to be Happy for Me at YU
Two Ways to be Happy for Me at YU
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I have a dream that all people at YU are happy. I think that I am not enough to be best. For that, I need to study more, play more and love more. Let me explain to you some ways that I want to become happier.

What do you think about yourself? We are adults who can express mature and serious thought. The direction of university is widening reason. Writing thesis is like lightening campus life. I plan to write my graduation thesis. My thesis has been proofread by professor's comments and criticisms, so it can be nice one. I hope it will be awesome and valuable knowledge for society. My performance can be realized by the worth of my entire learning experience. Then I should talk hard about understanding of study.

I want to play sports with not only guys but also girls. I see situations where almost all alcohol parties are composed of males and females. But, this mixing of sexes is only limited to parties with alcohol. Especially in the case of sports, we don't play together. This is a consequence of the middle and high school education system I guess. Playing sports is very much dominated by men in Korea. I was surprised when some of my foreign friends said that they played basketball or soccer at the college of engineering of playground without separating boys and girls. It seemed to not to bring a discomfort to them but only smiles. Why don’t we play sports together? It is the best way to become familiar with new friends.

Writing my thesis and playing sports together are the two things that I will remember of this time. Actually, students forget their memories easily by drinking and sleeping in class. During my first semester. I thought that this was freedom from university life. However, I don't want to continue doing that anymore because my body hurts and my grades are low. We usually like handsome and beautiful people, but we will become ugly if we don't stop engaging in these bad habits. I want to have a joyful time with whomever reads this paper. Please contact the Observer bravely! They are very passionate about their craft. I expect it will be a good chance for you to become more active. I hope that the choices made in the moment will give you a kind smile. Have a nice day!

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