Yeungnam University Ranks 9th for Graduate Holding Senior Management Positions
Yeungnam University Ranks 9th for Graduate Holding Senior Management Positions
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 Yeungnam University ranks 9th in the country for senior management positions in Korea’s 30 largest companies.

According to the latest data analyzed by the Corporate Management Performance Assessment, ‘The Score CEO’, Yeungnam University ranked 9th in the country when counting the number of graduates that hold senior management positions (chairman, vice president, CEO) in Korea’s top 30 companies. With 8 positions held (out of a total of 352), Yeungnam University was the first non-metropolitan private university evaluated. Furthermore, YU was the only private university that ranked within the top 10 that wasn’t in a metropolitan area.

Yeungnam University graduates who hold senior management positions include: Lee Chae-uk (vice chairman of CJ), Baek Ssuk-ki (president of East consulting) Kim Jong-sik (CEO of Electronic LG), Lee Byeong-hwa (CEO of Doosan Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd), Gang Hak-seo (CEO of Hyundai Steel Company), Kim Chihyeon (CEO of Lotte Engineering & Construction), Park Keon-hyeon (CEO of SHINSEGAE E&C), and Seong Jun-gyeong (CEO of Cosmo Chemical Co. Ltd.)

Meanwhile, in an analysis of senior management for the countries’ 100 largest companies released monthly by Hyundai Business, YU ranked sixth in their April edition. YU was also in 6th place in both 2013 and 2014 in the ‘Corporate Manager Status Listed on KOSDAQ’ conducted by the KOSDAQ Association. These results show Yeungnam University’s strong position in the job market and its excellent academic potential.

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