YU Students Won an Award at the 2015 International Young Contents Show (Y-Con)
YU Students Won an Award at the 2015 International Young Contents Show (Y-Con)
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 YU Chinese Students ‘PAN YINCHEN, CAO JUNWEI’ received the “Gyeongsan Mayor Award” along with 5 million won at the 2015 International Young Contents Show (Y-Con). Y-Con took place during four days from October 27th to the 30th at Gyeongsan Gymnasium. This event was hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Gyeongsangbuk-do Creative Contents Agency (GCCA), Gyeongbuk Techno Park, and others, and was organized by Korea M.I.C.E Foundation. There are two sections named ‘New Contents Business Contest, and Idea Contest’, and a total of 97 teams participated in the Contents Show. YU’s Chinese Students team ‘wing’ took part in the Idea Contest. They put together an idea about a smartphone application which helps Chinese travelers in Korea. They said “When Chinese people visit Korea, they cannot go around well due to insufficient information.” Therefore, they made the “BangBang U” application to help them to connect a Korean person who is proficient in Chinese and a Chinese person who knows Korea well. Also, they want to improve and develop their application to supply Chinese tourists in Korea with the most useful and updated information in order to enhance their time in Korea. In addition to the awards, the prize-winning submissions were supported by hosting institutions which included a support program on start-up businesses.

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