YU Held the 15th International Symposium on Clean Technology
YU Held the 15th International Symposium on Clean Technology
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The 15th International Symposium on Clean Technology was held on November 13th, 2015. The symposium was held in Room 311 of YU’s Chemical Engineering Building. The host of this symposium was the Clean Energy Priority Research Center along with other YU and national institutes. The topics for this symposium were Nanomaterials for Clean Technology and Clean Energy Production Technology.

The symposium was established in 2000 by the Institute of Clean Technology. Many celebrated foreign and domestic scholars have participated in the clean technology symposium since its inauguration.

In the 2015 symposium, there were 6 speakers from 5 different countries (Australia, China, India, Korea, and Vietnam). Also, No Suk-kyun, YU’s president, delivered a congratulatory speech.

The speakers of the first session relating to Nano materials for Energy Storage, were Professors C. D. Lokhande, Hyeon Taeg-hwan, and Yang Quan-hong. The first speaker, Professor Lokhande from Shivaji University in India, presented his research titled “MnO2 Based Solid State Flexible Super capacitors”. Professor Hyeon Taeg-hwan, from Seoul National University in Korea, talked about his paper titled, “Designed Chemical Synthesis and Assembly of Uniform-sized Nanoparticles for Medical and Energy Applications”. The last speaker was Yang Quan-hong from Tianjin University located in China.

The second session was related to clean energy production technology. Professor Le Thi Kim Phung, from Hochiminh City University of Technology located in Vietnam, delivered a seminar titled “Biodiesel Production with Supercritical Alcohol Co-solvent.” The second speaker, Professor Alireza Bahadori from Southern Cross University in Australia, discussed his research in a presentation titled, “Applications of Intelligent Modelling Tools in Natural Gas Processing Industries.” Lastly, Professor Van Hoa Nguyen, from YU & Nha Trang University, presented his research titled “Design and Synthesis of Mesoporous Electrodes with High Electrochemical Performance for Super capacitors.”

This symposium provided not only the exchange of research relating to clean technology that surely increase within future industries but also the chance for cooperation between uni-versities that participate to this symposium. YU will begin contracts via MOUs with one of the participating university starting next February.

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