YU Students Won the Grand Prize at the Trade Remedy Contest
YU Students Won the Grand Prize at the Trade Remedy Contest
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Students from YU’s ‘Association of International Economic Studies’ from the Department of International Trade won the grand prize at the ‘2015 University Trade Remedy Contest’ held on October 29th. They won second place last year, but took first place this year.

The ‘University Trade Remedy Contest’ is held every year and began in 2005 by the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses. It was hosted to raise university student awareness relating to the trade remedy system and its related professional manpower training. A total of 218 students from 11 different universities participated in this contest, and six teams including Yeungnam University advanced to the finals.

This year’s contest used credible events for the investigation of unfair international trade practices and also to held a mock investigation and process judgment. 22 students of Yeungnam university’s ‘Association of International Economic Studies’ performed a play during 40 minutes under ‘Antidumping duty investigation on imports of plywood from China’. They performed a series of process realistically within the contest topic so that they received the Minister of Industry and Trade award and a prize of five million won.

The ‘Association of International Economic Studies’ is global economic research club which was established in 1989 and now has 100 active student members.

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