Tenor Lee Hyun Received Kumbok Culture Prize
Tenor Lee Hyun Received Kumbok Culture Prize
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Voice major Professor Lee Hyun was awarded the Kumbok Culture Prize. Professor Lee received a 10 million won along with a medal.

The Kumbok Culture prize was founded by the Kumbok Culture Foundation which was established in 1987 by the Kumbokju Corporation to carry out social responsibility in Korea. Every year, the Kumbok Culture Prize is awarded to cultural artists or groups who improve and develop the Korean folk culture.

Professor Lee, dean of College of Music, starred in the National Opera of Korea before he became a Yeungnam University professor. He worked at ‘Japan Arts’, Japan’s biggest management organization, as a major artist and performed in orchestras and theaters globally. Also, he placed 1st at the G. B. Viotti Vocal Competition, 2nd at the International B. Gigli Music Competition, 3rd at the International L. Volpi Vocal Competition and appeared in the Rossini Opera Festival and the Martina Franca Opera Festival. Presently, Professor Lee researches opera development and cooperates with YU’s Opera Academy to combine opera and drama as a Korea Opera Content Representative.

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