‘RUN to U,’ the 49th Student Council President of Yeungnam University
‘RUN to U,’ the 49th Student Council President of Yeungnam University
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The 49th student council president election for Yeungnam University was held on November 18th. The ‘RUN to U’ platform ran unopposed with a vote of ‘pros and cons.’ 57.96% of Yeungnam’s student voted and 75.86% voted in favor of them. ‘RUN to U’ which consists of Kwak Byeong-cheol (Materials Science and Engineering, 06) and Lee Hun-il (Electronic Engineering, 10) said that we ran a short term campaign, but we will do our best. We won’t only work hard during the election campaign, we will also work hard during our presidency.

Q) What is your student council’s slogan? And what does it mean?

A) I (Kwak Byeong-cheol) was a campaign volunteer in 2010 using the same name. Since 2010, ‘RUN to U’ has developed and improved our school system and Yeungnam University’s student welfare. Also, we hope to change Yeungnam’s festival and other entertainment programs in a way that student will like. Since 2010, ‘RUN to U’ has achieved many things, so we used the council name ‘RUN to U’ again. Our council slogan is ‘Run and Dash’ which means we will try to help as many students as possible in a quick fashion.

Q) Many students didn’t know about your election campaign promises. How will you communicate and promote your platform with students?

A) “The vote rate decreased more than the previous election by about 8%. This means that the student body’s trust and confidence has decreased and that there is less interest in the student council. We think we need better communication. We will invigorate our SNS which university students globally do, and send school messages to students. Also, we are going to meet with students from all colleges so that we can get closer with entire student body.”

Q) How will you perform your election campaign promises relating to the student tuition, pre-course guidance system, employment, and university restructuring? Also, what do you think about these issues?

A) First, the Tuition Consideration Committee is composed of many school personnel and three student members. However, in my case (Kwak Byeong-cheol), I don’t think students could understand the terminology that school personnel used during meetings. YU’s student council will try to prevent any tuition changes and teach students informally about the ‘know-how’ of the tuition regulation process and YU’s annual budget. Second, the management of pre-course guidance system is going in a direction that is very incomprehensible. We will try to improve the pre-course guidance system with the school to improve the system and make it more comfortable for students. Third, we will support students who participate in first time employment programs which are very popular. Also, we will often introduce both online and offline employment systems to students who don’t know about its content. Fourth, the university restructuring is a unilateral decision by our school. We need to share our student’s considerations and openly discuss with the school and students in advance. Our school exists because of students, so student’s consideration is necessary. Therefore, our school council will respond in a responsible manner.

Q) Do you have a goal during your term and what kind of message do you want to leave once you are done?

A) University student don’t go out and enjoy themselves a lot because of life stresses such as employment and school classes. Our student council hopes to shift YU student’s mind and have everyone realize that our university life is joyful. The student council’s trust and attention will get better. We want to be remembered for our slogan 'RUN to U’, as those who return our university’s romance, as a wonderful student council and as a substance-based student council.

Q) Do you have a message for Yeungnam University students?

A) YU students shouldn’t avoid coming to the student council. We heard rumors that students think we will continue in the same way as the previous council. And only enjoy the benefits of our positions. However, we exist because of YU students and we are YU students too. Please think of us in a comfortable fashion. To make a positive YU student council and to promote joyful students, we will become closer with students and help guide your university life. Thank you everyone and I love you!

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