The 49th YU Student Council, ‘RUN to U’ Returns to ‘U’
The 49th YU Student Council, ‘RUN to U’ Returns to ‘U’
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The student council elections were held on November 18th. Only the ‘RUN to U’ candidate group applied to be president of student council. ‘RUN to U’, started in 2011, won the election again because they tackled their past issues openly, took criticism for their previous errors, and continued their successive works. The president of student council is Kwak Byeong-cheol (06) and the vice-president of student council is Lee Hun-il (10).

This election recorded a 57.96% voter turnout or 8,676 of the potential 14,968 electorate students, which were all students except for graduating students in their 4th year. 'RUN to U' was elected as the 49th student council with a 75.86% yes-vote (6,582 students). However, the election voting rate dropped severely by about 6.16% from the previous election, whose voter turnout rate was 64.12%. According to the analyzed results, the School of Mechanical Engineering (31.2%), the School of Free Majors (45.6%), the Premedical Course Majors (25.0%), and the Department of Medicine (19.6%) didn't even reach half of their voter rates. Regarding this low voter turnout, Kwak Byeong-cheol said that the voting rate for this election dropped a lot when compared to the last election. This means that students' awareness of the student council has dropped, so we will try to better communicate with our students.

The ‘RUN to U’ campaign was selected as the president of the student council for 2016 and they said that they should run and run for YU students. They also presented 6 slogans which were divided into: communication, education, welfare, togetherness (community solidarity), employment and university restructuring. Especially throughout their campaign they promise of the ‘Seacomdalcom conference’ which was continued from 2015 and push for the abolition of the 'pre-course guidance' system during course registration. Through this, we can see their aspirations are firmly for better communication and education. Kwak Byeong-cheol made sure that his attitude is strongly responsible in his authority during his entire term and not just only for the 10 days during the elections.

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