The Yeungnam Observer Makes Me What I Am
The Yeungnam Observer Makes Me What I Am
  • 승인 2015.11.18 06:45
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‘Why do you do that?’ It was the saying that I heard most of time when I told my friends about The Observer. I understand them. At first, I also have same idea. We are busy enough to do major works. How can reporters do both of works? I can understand this when I become a reporter of The Observer. It was not easy, of course. After I attend in Observer, I scarcely slept more than 4 hours. Honestly, I think about quit many times, because it was too hard to endure. However, when I become a reporter from cub reporter, I can feel worthwhile. Though, the reader of newspapers tends to decrease, I can feel good even small number of readers. Now, I don’t think quit anymore. By joining this, I become more responsible, and active. It changed me a lot. I think joining The Observer was one of my best choices that I did in 1st grade.

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