Rural Development in Afghanistan
Rural Development in Afghanistan
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▲ Mr. Engineer Nasir Ahmad Durrani Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

Starting in 2001 with the establish­ment of a new democratic govern­ment in Afghanistan the country has invested intensively on the develop­ment and reconstruction process and has achieved significant achievements towards economic development.

Rural development has been rec­ognized as an important sector by the Government of Afghanistan. The Min­istry of Rural Rehabilitation and De­velopment (MRRD) is the responsible institution to manage the process and has significantly invested and focused on this important sector. MRRD’s mission is to contribute to poverty al­leviation in rural areas by empowering communities and fostering economic and social opportunities.

The Ministry manages five national programs towards rural development in Afghanistan:

The National Solidarity Program (NSP): Through this program, MRRD mobilizes communities, organizes elections to establish Community Development Councils, builds the ca­pacity of elected members to manage projects, and provides grants to the communities so they can implement projects that they have prioritized. The National Area-Based Develop­ment Program (NABDP) works at the district level and organizes the establishment of District Development Assemblies (DDAs). The program trains DDA members on several is­sues pertaining to rural development and implements projects identified as priorities by DDAs. The Rural Water Sanitation and Irrigation Program pro­vides access to potable water and sani­tation facilities to rural people. It also provides hygiene education and works on small scale irrigation systems.

Infrastructure. - The National Rural Access Program (NRAP) builds and rehabilitates tertiary and secondary roads. - The Afghanistan Rural Enter­prise Development Program (AREDP) supports the formation of Saving Groups, Village Saving and Loans Associations, and Enterprise Groups in rural areas. It also supports the de­velopment of small and medium size enterprises, facilitating their access to financial products and providing them with technical support.

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