YU Law School Ranks Top in Employment Rate of Judges
YU Law School Ranks Top in Employment Rate of Judges
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Yeungnam University has been reaffirmed as being at the top for job placement in the legal profession. According to a report published by the Ministry of Education on September 15th, Yeungnam Law school was ranked 1st out of the 25 National Schools of Law in the country; YU earned the first place for the third phase of graduate employment rate. The number of students at Yeungnam University graduate employment rate was 67.1%. Pusan National University, Wonkang University, Seoul National University, followed at a mere 56.7%, 55%, and 46.7%. Yeungnam University’s general employment rate also showed strength. The general employment rate of third phase graduate of Yeungnam University was 80%, which ranked 2nd in the country. Amid the average percent in country rated 69.2%, Hanyang University showed the highest with 83% and Yonsei University, Seoul National University, and Sogang University followed behind. Meanwhile, Yeunganm University also ranked the highest in ‘The 4th Annual National Bar Examination’ for the first trading ratio of successful applicants. In this examination, the ratio was 98.44%, which means 64 people took the bar, and 63 people succeeded. Finally, in last 3rd Bar Examination, Yeungnam University proved their excellence in promoting legal profession by earning the 2nd rank.

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