YU and the National Archives of Korea Signed a MOU
YU and the National Archives of Korea Signed a MOU
  • 승인 2015.11.14 11:11
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They expect a greater synergy effect from their cooperation

YU entered into a contract last month with the National Archives of Korea to share material. The major points of cooperation relate to International Development Cooperation Area research, sharing Saemaul Undong documents and making global talents for the development of Korea.

Furthermore, they agreed on mutual utilization of recorded information relating to the Korean Development and Mutual using of institution facility.

The National Archives of Korea is a national institution tasked with preserving government material. According to their site, the National Archives of Korea aims to be a service-oriented organization that provides the public with a variety of access to their archives accumulated and preserved. Furthermore, they constantly sign MOUs with universities, institutions and corporations.

President Noh said that he hopes it will be a good opportunity to advance together by actively exchanging each institution’s recorded materials.

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