The Yeungnam Observer Met with the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for Approaching Foreign Students
The Yeungnam Observer Met with the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for Approaching Foreign Students
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 Q. What is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association? How many people are in the Chinese Students and Scholars Association?

There are around 1,100 Chinese students in our association. The association’s executive committee is composed of about 15 students. We participate in various activities such as school picnics, and visiting different places such as companies, provincial government buildings and job fairs. We provide law information to Chinese students in Korea and support them with mentoring programs. Our mentoring program consists of 50- 60 Chinese university students. One mentor is in charge of about 20 mentee students. We hope to expand this program to graduate students in the near future.

What is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association’s goal?

We hope to spend meaningful and interesting time with Korean and other countries students. Also, we want to make awesome memories.

What is the most difficult thing about managing the Association?

We do not have enough money to run our student council. The reason is that our Chinese association is not officially enrolled as a school club. Therefore, when we host events, we must pay for things like refreshments and event banners by ourselves without any support.

How does Chinese Students and Scholars Association advertise?

We prepare a presentation by the student council itself when Chinese students newly come to Korea. However, I hope to devote some time in making a presentation that targets the whole Chinese student body. Also, we use chatting apps, like ‘We chat’ and ‘QQ,’ which are famous in China, to communicate directly with the students. Specially, QQ can accommodate up to 2,000 people within a chat group. Therefore, we transmit important information by QQ or upload it at www.

Does the Chinese Students and Scholars Association work together with the Korean General Students Association?

We also participate in big events such as Daedongje. In addition, we visited Panmunjom located in the Demilitarized Zone which was a General Students Association (GSA) event. We also participate in external events such as skiing. However, we do not often contact and exchange with the GSA. We would like to interact with Korean GSA.

How do Chinese students trying to increase their Korean proficiency?

Chinese students try to participate in a mentoring project conducted by ‘International Programs.’ In addition, they join Korean or Chinese clubs. To increase their Korean language skills, individuals themselves should strive to attain their goals in a positive way.

What are some of Chinese student’s preference regarding the news?

Students want to read about university events and about job information. Students also read newspapers at the university stand and on the Internet.

What has been your best memory while working in the Association?

As the Chinese Association President: During the last four years, I have good memories of receiving praise from students and professors.

As the Chinese Association Secretary General: During the three years, I enjoyed communicating with new incoming freshmen students and experiencing the Korean culture.

Do you have any words for foreign students at YU?

We hope that all YU students will spend an interesting and meaningful time together.

Also, we wish to continue with interactive programs to increase friendship with each other.

Do you have any words for Korean students at YU?

Everyone usually has some difficulty when adapting to studying in another country for the first time. Although Chinese students try to interact, we want Korean students to actively approach us when they meet us in the classroom.

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