PSPS Records the Highest Entrance Competition Rate
PSPS Records the Highest Entrance Competition Rate
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 Yeungnam University announced that the Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemul (PSPS) recorded its highest acceptance rate ever in 2015’s fall semester with new recruitment of freshmen foreign students. This fall semester, the PSPS recruited 31 students among 277 applicants from a total of 45 countries. It is the highest acceptance rate(8.9:1) since the PSPS has began recruiting foreign students in March, 2012.

 The PSPS was established to educate civil servants and public service workers from developing countries about the Saemaul Undong movement and the experiences of Korean development starting in November of 2011. Now, a total of 258 foreign students from 52 countries have entered the program and 125 students have received a master’s degree relating to the Saemaul movement.

 Notably, students from 11 new countries were accepted into the PSPS program for first time. These countries are East Timor, Jordan, Palestine (Asia), the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Sierra Leone, the Republic of Egypt (Africa), Vanuatu (Oceania), the Azerbaijani Republic (Europe), Mexico, the Republic of Costa Rica and Peru (Latin America). Among the 277 applicants, only 31 students were accepted into the PSPS program and they started their semester on the 19th of October, 2015.

 Also, participants of various countries and fields applied to study at the PSPS. For example, Maria Bermeo who is the former assistant secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Ecuador applied to entered the PSPS and she said that she wanted to learn about international development and about Korea’s development experiences, in order to contribute to social situation of Ecuador.

 Choi Oe-chool who was the first president of PSPS said that he is deeply moved that the school, which started with only 15 freshmen, has experienced rapid growth in such a short time and that the school’s growth is evidence that the world acknowledges the excellences of the Saemaul Develop Program that YU is hosting.

 YU has analyzed the reasons of the increase in applicant quantity and quality. The first reason is that YU held a school fair for the diplomatic mission of 24 countries which seemed to be very effective. Secondly, PSPS graduates usually back to their home countries and work in various governmental fields. It means the PSPS program develops social experts and they contributed to the development of their respective countries.

 The PSPS will begin its education of its 31 new foreign students and 58 commissioned education students from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) and the Asean-Korea Forest Cooperation (AFOCO) on October 2015.

The students will study for a master’s degree during a year and a half.



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