My life signpost ‘The Yeungnam Observer’
My life signpost ‘The Yeungnam Observer’
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 When I came to university for the first time, I don’t know what I should do at here. I was confused everything and wandered YU aim­lessly. I was boring to study uni­versity education and just walked around the campus, but my life changed when I joined to ‘The Yeungnam Observer.

 For the first time, many volunteers were coming and I was very ner­vous about talking with them. I had a passive mind at that time because of some traumatic event at my youth age. During my reporter training, it was very hard for me. Sometimes I wanted to give up this work. How­ever, when I passed the training, I felt an all effort had been worth it and had big meaningful impression to me.

 The ‘endeavor’. I was wandering such as a child, doing silly things, and not working. But, we need to work hard like training. You should not wander about aimlessly like me. Be endeavorer. Someday we have to go into the world. I think The Ob­server gives me a big enlightenment and helps prepare me for my future.

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