Biological Professor Seok Ho-young received a Presidential Citation
Biological Professor Seok Ho-young received a Presidential Citation
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 Biology Professor Seok Ho-young received a Presidential Citation at the opening ceremony of the Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Re­sources (NNIBR)1) located in Sangju on July 28th, 2015. The reason for his cita­tion was his active role in protecting the environment and he was recognized as contributing to the development of our nation.

 Professor Seok contributed by estab­lishing research biotechnology relating to the protection of natural resource and the identification of biodiversity. Profes­sor Seok researched important fish and invertebrate resources inhibited in Korea to create a phylogenetic tree while ana­lyzing the diversity of natural resource genes and DNA and also preserving natural ecosystems since 2011.

 Also, professor Seok worked as an advisor for agencies within the Ministry of Environment such as the ‘National Institute of Biological Resources’, the ‘Central Inland Institute’, and the ‘Na­tional Cultural Heritage’. Moreover he conducted work for the protection of the environment by participating in the Unmunsan Ecology Research and Ecosystem Protection Monitoring. Es­pecially, he contributed to the ‘NNIBR’ development as an advisor and by doing environmental commission activities.

1) ‘Nakdonggang National Institute of Biological Resources’ exhibits 6 types of extinct animals from around the world and about 5,000 Biologi­cal samples from Korea. Also, you can enjoy 136 different types of plants, a 4D theater, weekend education and preview commentaries.

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