A New Start for The Yeungnam Observer, ‘Getting Back to Basics’
A New Start for The Yeungnam Observer, ‘Getting Back to Basics’
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 The Observer will now be published in the form of newspaper from this edition.

 The magazine format of The Obin past had many advantage. Nevertheless, the reason that we are reto newspaper format is to make the most its essence. We can see the essence of The Observer in its keynote, "To bring the world to the campus and the campus to the world." That means that The Observer plays the role of a bridge to liaise the world and YU. However readers and The Observer members have questioned whether or not The Observer has been true to its keynote. This is the beginning to change is the answer of that questions.

 Through this change, we will try to become more appealing to YU students. There are three big changes. First, the format change, we are changing from the B5 (188mm×257mm) format to the Berliner format (323mm×470mm). This format has advantages, which are highly readable typography and high portability. As well, in the previmagazine format, we couldn’t send information rapidly, however, through the Berliner format, it is available now. Also, we are adjusting the length of articles from longer to more concise ones, so readers who are familiar to shorter online news can now easily read our newspaper.

 Second, changing to newspaper format, we are adding an information section to share some useful informaion for YU students. In this section, YU students will get a great deal of timely information about events in YU, results of YU sports team and etc.

 Third, we are hiring foreign reporters. In the past, our reporters were comprised of only Koreans, articles were directed mainly at Koreans; there was not much content pertaining to YU foreign students. Through the participation of foreign reporters, we should be able to successfully diversify the categories of articles in our newspaper and satisfy various needs of YU students.

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