Yeungnam University was chosen as ‘University Entrepreneur Center’
Yeungnam University was chosen as ‘University Entrepreneur Center’
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 Yeungnam University was finally chosen as the ‘University Entrepreneur Center 2015’ as a supervising university. Therefore, YU is supported by a maximum of 2 billion won during 3 years. The ‘Korean Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development’ made this business. The reason why they arranged this event is that they want Korean universities to be global starting point of entrepreneur’s. They intend to strengthen the university’s actual startup business education and support network building, arrange a linked education program.

 Yeungnam University is the only university outside of Seoul’s universities conducting this business. So far, nine universities are operating these entrepreneur centers for business. They are expected to perform as startup supporting centers, which helps regional university students.

 Korean Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development judged by three steps; collected universities business plans, site visits and meeting evaluations. Especially, YU was evaluated highly in regards to their startup environment and alumnus network. Furthermore, the Yeungnam graduate program received a favorable evaluation about establishing an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ major and two-tracks which opens an entrepreneur and intrapreneur courses.

 Yeungnam University is the first college to have established an entrepreneurial sprit in the Yeungnam graduate program. They have ‘Business school, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering’ students to complete entrepreneurial spirit subject. Yeungnam University is preceding this business 3 years from this July to June of 2018.

 After estimating the results, YU can extend business period about 3 years. YU entrepreneur center performs as a control tower on YU Business Incubation center; also, it links with LINC Business to enhance a cooperative system. YU will concentrate on enhancing student’s actual startup ability.

 For example, YU creates startup organizations and produces startup education courses with startup experts, develops education content, and supports foundation of clubs.

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