The Yeungnam Observer Met with the Vietnamese Students’ Association for Approaching Foreign Students
The Yeungnam Observer Met with the Vietnamese Students’ Association for Approaching Foreign Students
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Starting in this edition, we will deal with foreign student association’s interview if we can. Because we think that foreign students are important readers for our newspaper and each country’s Association can represent their students. Therefore, The Observer interviewed three members of the YU Vietnamese Students’ Association. The interview took about 90 minutes, and they spoke to us using both English and Korean. After the interview, we sent the similar interview questions to the association to clarify some misunderstandings of their answers.

What does the Vietnamese Students’ Association do? Is there something special you want people to know about?

Every semester, around 70 Vietnamese students from different levels (Exchange students, undergraduates, graduate and doctorate) come together for the official meeting the first month of each semester. At that meeting, we vote for the Vietnamese Students’ Association’s Organizer Committee and discuss the activities for the new semester. During the semester, we have many special activities such as joining many sports festivals among Vietnamese student in Korea, which are operated by the Vietnamese Embassyor other schools in Korea, exploring trips to Pohang, Busan or Seoul, and other activities with the YU international student association.

How many people in the Vietnamese Students’ Association?

There are around 70 Vietnamese students. Students consist of 40 YU graduate students, 20 exchange students, the others are university employees.

How does the Vietnamese Students’ Association advertise?

We have a facebook page and facebook group where we can post important information. You can reach us here: vnyustudent

What is the most difficult thing in managing the Association?

There are many Vietnamese students in Yeungnam University, and there are many academic levels from exchange students to the doctorate level. Therefore, giving and sharing information to all members in the Association is difficult.

What is the Vietnamese Students’ Association’s goal?

Our VSA’s goals are to be helpful to our Vietnamese students to be active and adaptive to new environment; to be active among student associations in Korea; and to be friendly to every student and faculty in Yeungnam University.

What has been your best memory while working in the Association?

Trung: The moment when we come together and organize events and activities for our members is the time that I treasure the most during the time that I have stayed here.

Nam: Our team joined the international student cup in YU and won the gold medal. At that moment, I felt so proud that I was able to contribute to my Association.

What is student’s preference about news?

Nowdays, many Vietnam students are reading The Observer. The quality of print and paper are good. The news is very useful for us to collect information. Moreover, the main discussion in each issue is also very informative as well as interesting.

Do you have any words to foreign students in YU?

We all would like to reach you in different manners such as: sport, culture, etc. We hope that all international students will have a night festival together. At that night, we can share our food, music performances and culture with not only Koreans but also every student in YU. Let’s build unforgettable memories in Korea, hand in hand.

Do you have any words to Korean students in YU?

Koreans have brought us to a lot of beautiful experiences not only in the education but also in social and cultural life. We have met many kind, friendly Korean friends and share moments of life with them. So, we like participating in activities that are operated by Korean Students. And we also welcome Korean students to participate in our Association. In the last word, we would say: welcome to Vietnam to explore the beauty of Vietnamese people and landscape.



If other associations want to have an interview with The Yeungnam Observer, please contact us at: kun16@,

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