College of Pharmacy Will Be Supported by Government
College of Pharmacy Will Be Supported by Government
  • Kang Jong-gu
  • 승인 2015.04.06 17:22
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The Inflammation Control Regyulleitom Laboratory located in College of Pharmacy will be supported by a large scale government grant because of their remarkable research. The laboratory consists of a group of pharmacology professors and does researched regarding the human immune system and how they control inflammation disease in the hopes of making new medicine. The second half of last year, their efforts were recognized and selected as one of the “Basic Laboratory Supporting Business” which is supervised by Ministry of Science ICT and Future Planning and National Research Foundation of Korea. Until August 2019, they will receive about 2.5 billion dollar by federal government. They said that through this governmental grant, we will construct protein systems and take a new medicine for curing inflammation diseases.

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