Korean and Foreign Students Live Together in YU Dormitory
Korean and Foreign Students Live Together in YU Dormitory
  • Jang Hye-rin
  • 승인 2015.04.06 17:19
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YU’s dormitory system has changed starting from 2015. Building E was used for foreign students, but now Korean students can also live there. Female students, who passed the additional dormitory applications to live in Building E, can live in four occupancy rooms, unlike their application type. In addition, male students are using Building A, which was for female students. Thus, foreign students are going to live with Korean students and roommates are assigned randomly. Miss Ryu, who majors in Department of Food and Nutrition, said that the female students become more sensitive about living in four occupancy rooms because other students can make noises. She also remarked that four occupancy rooms expose students’ privacy easily. Besides these reasons, she ended her remark by saying it is hard to live with foreign students because of different languages and cultures. On the other hand, Miss Kim, who majors in School of Business, said that it is good for us because it is the opportunity to learn about other countries, even if students require more understanding with each other. Also, she commented that making foreign friends is the best way to learn about
various cultures. She continued her comment by saying that she does not think four
occupancy rooms are a problem. Additionally, a manager in Dormitory Administration Office said that students started not to feel difficult about their different cultures. Therefore, he hopes both foreign and Korean students to break down the wall between them to share their cultures and languages. Lastly, YU changed the dormitory system to give students the opportunity to meet students from various countries, such as Western, Vietnam or Indonesia.

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