Academic Policies and Procedures are Revised
Academic Policies and Procedures are Revised
  • Hong Ye-ji
  • 승인 2015.04.06 17:18
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Some academic policies and procedures are revised from this year. First, the saving system for course credits is being enforced. This can be used starting next semester if you register fewer credits than the maximum credit allowed in every term before a new term. Thus, from 2015, remaining credits in the first semester can be used in the second semester. Any credits will run out if they are not used right after the semester and it is allowed within three credits. If an average of the GPA passes 3.75, students can register three more credits. In this case, the credits are excluded from the saving system. Also, students who earned less than 2.0 for their GPA or received an F are excluded, including the students who cancelled more than one course during the week of adding or droping classes. Secondly, the qualifications to change majors have been extended and will be enforced from 2016. Previously, it was only available to change majors at the beginning of the sophomore year, but it will be allowed to change at the beginning of sophormore and junior year. However, the capacity for juniors is only allowed when there is available number of students for them, since sophomores have priority to change their major.

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