Prof. Seok Jul-gi Received the “2014 Journal Award” from IAS of IEEE
Prof. Seok Jul-gi Received the “2014 Journal Award” from IAS of IEEE
  • Kang Jong-gu
  • 승인 2014.11.28 18:24
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Seok Jul-gi, a YU electrical engineering professor was awarded the “2014 Journal Award” from the Industry Application Society (IAS) of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE). The award that Professor Seok received is one of the most prestigious awards given out by the IAS. The main reason why Professor Seok received the award is that he recently made a control technique for an efficient utilization of “flush mounting type permanent magnet synchronous motor” which can be used in eco-friendly electric cars, consumer electronics and industries that convert control technique to software. This technique is approximately 11 percent more energy efficient than previous products through changing the operating software with no additional parts of existing products. Now he has developed software that is highly technical, perfected and easy to implement through succeeding protocols. Professor Seok mentioned that he will expand the sphere of application by applying the result of this research to industrial products.

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