The Best Regional Private University
The Best Regional Private University
  • Choi Wookyoung
  • 승인 2014.11.24 12:45
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YU took first place among 32 regional private universities at the 2014 university assessment which was operated by the JoongAng Ilbo. Notable in this assessment was YU’s research power which stood out. The publication in international academic journals per professor ranked 19th out of 95 universities. This is a result of YU’s constant support for excellent professor resources. YU is the only domestic university that established research aid supporting business since 2013. Research aid supporting business selected 25 professors who were ranked in top 30 percent in research power and gave them 1 billion won annually for 4 years. As a result of that business, 2 YU professors were awarded the “Knowledge Creating Grand Prize” by the ministry of science, ICT and future planning last November. The prize is only given out to 10 professors. Also YU took the first rank at a consortium category at “2013 TLO (Technology Licensing Office) supporting business” by ministry of science, ICT and future planning. Last September, YU took first place among private regional universities for the “University which produces outstanding individuals” by The Korea Economic Daily and employment information monthly magazine “Campus job&joy.” In addition, YU took the first place for its College of Liberal Arts and College of Business & Economics while the College of Engineering took second place after POSTECH. These results mean that the glocal university trend that YU advocated is working and the changes are being recognized in university-based surveys. It is a clear evidence of YU’s growth.

※ Knowledge Creating Grand Prize: This prize is for scientists who contribute to R&D productivity improvement which took the top 1% paper citation counts over the last 10 years.
※ TLO (Technology Licensing Office) supporting business: TLO is an institution that sells technology patents which are owned by universities or laboratories. The main function of this institution is to contribute sound finance with commercializing technologies which are owned by universities or laboratories.

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