YU Is Constructing “Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business”
YU Is Constructing “Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business”
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The YU Office of Research Cooperation Foundation and the Professor Kim Young-dae’s research lab are conducting a project to construct “Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business.” Town Archive Business refers to activities that systematically manage and maintain the records of village activities. The project aims to vitalize the village community. Last August 1st, 10 members including a civilian expert and the director of cities construction attended a “Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business” briefing session in the situation room of county office. The YU Office of Research Cooperation Foundation emphasized the importance of this business while informing everyone that local history and cultural architecture are disappearing quickly. Then, they received feedback and directions about business promotion from civilian experts. After the project proposal was selected, “Town Archive Business” finished its initial study (first stage) and planned for the establishment of a database (second stage) that grafts storytelling onto the architecture, the view and character of the local village. This is to be completed by February of 2015. Prof. Kim said that the local culture is degenerating because of industrialization. “I thought about how I should manage these worthy records to protect the properties of each village. This is the reason why I proposed this business.” Dalseong-gun Town Archive Business, the first town archive project in the country outside of Seoul is planned to begin with 95 places in the Dalseong-gun area during the eight month period.

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