YU Sophomore Park Jun-seok Awarded the Grand Prize
YU Sophomore Park Jun-seok Awarded the Grand Prize
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Park Jun-seok, a sophomore majoring in Painting, was awarded the first prize at the 9th Pohang-Posco Light Art Contest. This contest is for the public and included active authors and experts from each field. He is in the spotlight for being awarded the second prize in this contest. His winning work is a watercolor painting named “Jukdo Market 2014.7.” This is about Jukdo Market’s simple scene. Last year, he also submitted a piece of Jukdo Market’s view in this contest and won a prize. He drew it from picture he took, going around the market with his camera. Also, he received the special selection award for his photograph in the 2013 Gyeongsangbuk-do province art contest. He said that he didn’t have many experiences participating in real art competitions yet. Also, he spoke of his aspirations for other various art fields as well as his interest in oil painting.

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