“HowTo” Is Supported by Samsung Electronics
“HowTo” Is Supported by Samsung Electronics
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“HowTo,” a scientific research group of Information and Communication Engineering, is chosen to be in a “Samsung Software Friendship” club. The “Samsung Software Friendship” discovers superior groups of software research to help them foster excellent future Research and Development (R&D) professionals through public contests. The contests target university student groups every year. In the process of selecting the groups, the group members came up with a “wireless communication for emergency disaster broadcasting system” and received a favorable evaluation. Anyone who needs help can use this system and it can be installed in places where people are in dangerous situations. Also it can be for the delivery of aid by disaster relief agencies. The member of “HowTo” designed the system after thinking about ways to help during problems like the Sewol ferry disaster and other recent incidents. Through this selection, the group “HowTo” has received 8 million won including the equipment charge of 5 million won and the activity support fund of 3 million won from Samsung for a year. It is expected that “HowTo” will attempt many various projects in accordance to the group’s name which means - how to solve problems with some ideas.

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