The Campus Post Office Was Gone and Postal Agency Is Opened
The Campus Post Office Was Gone and Postal Agency Is Opened
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The campus post office at YU was substituted by a postal agency. The campus post office had provided services such as post, parcel service and banking to students, staff members and residents since March 20, 1973. However, the Gyeongsan Post Office restructured itself due to an operating deficit because of the limited amount of users and many financial institutions around. Eventually, the result was that the campus post office was closed. In response to this problem, YU established the postal agency on campus on July 7th. The postal agency is managed by a private enterprise and its operation method will be handled the same way as before but banking service will not be in operation, so they will install an ATM. The Property Management Team leader said that they established the postal agency, as an alternative to the campus post office for the convenience of many people including its students. People will be able to receive services without inconvenience because it will operate in the same way at that location, only the name and its employees are changed.

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