The “Challenge 1,000” Project Promotes Students’ Health
The “Challenge 1,000” Project Promotes Students’ Health
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Yeungnam University will promote its “Challenge 1,000” project to improve students’ health and inspire self-confidence through health care from September. The “Challenge 1,000” project is a program to complete either a running program or a climbing program for various periods of time at the student’s choosing. There is a four-year period program for first year students who can participate continuously and a semester-long program for all students. Every semester, prizes will be given up to three students. For this, YU made an agreement with the Health & Fitness app development company “Beagle.” Students can download the mobile app and choose one event before to starting exercise. Then, they press the start and close buttons to save their own data. All data is managed by the YU Health Care Service Center and students’ data can always be searched in the app. Students will have a good opportunity to improve their health, and can challenge their spirit and passion through this program.

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