Environmental equipment Workers Strike for Their Rights
Environmental equipment Workers Strike for Their Rights
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Environmental equipment workers who manage boilers, air conditionings and heatings on YU have decided to strike starting March 24th in protest of the service company’s unfair treatment and poor working conditions.

These workers belong to Samkwang S&M and their contracted monthly wages are 1,519,000 won per capita until 2015.

However Samkwang paid those wages incorrectly, asserting that Samkwang did not deduce taxes from their paid wage of 1,800,000 won and then they took back 400,000 won from their workers.

In addition, they can’t use single annual paid holiday as stipulated in the labor laws, therefore they are demanding these.

Workers did not decide on a time limit for their strike and will continue to do so until their conditions are fully satisfied.

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