Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
  • Hyo-jin Lim
  • 승인 2014.04.03 12:49
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I saw The Observer in the library by chance. I already knew that there was an English newspaper at my university, but it was the first time that I read it carefully. It was well-organized and had many interesting and useful articles which I wasn’t expecting. Especially, I read the article about the private information leak meticulously. I also think that the Korean private information security system is too vulnerable. This resulted in a worst case scenario which caused many people to lose their cherished information. The article was of help to me as I could read about the information leakage in more details than what I saw on the television. Moreover, I didn’t know that SNS is such weak in information security. I’d better care of my private information on my SNS. It was also helpful that there was a solution plan and policy which may reduce the damage from the information leak. I’m delightful to get to know such helpful newspaper. I hope that The Observer keeps doing well and that more students read it in the future.

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