A Book was Published on YU’s Development
A Book was Published on YU’s Development
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‘The Undisclosed Development History of Yeungnam University’ which includes information dating from the establishment of our school was recently published. Sung-gu Sin, the author, participated in the opening of Chunggu University and witnessed vividly the opening process of YU. He wrote this book in 5 years. This book details the process of combining Daegu University and Chunggu University to form Yeungnam University in 1967. Furthermore, it has many stories which will interest local residents, students, alumni and faculty members. Many stories involve Mr. Choi, a wealthy person, who made a donating all his property. Also found are stories of Lee Byung-chul, the then president of Samsung who turned over the university Foundation to the government, and the process of creating YU’s school song. The writer said that “the university contributed to the country’s development and has a cherished social value” and “I hope that the 200,000 alumni and community have affection towards YU as the cradle of human innovation.”

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