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Book That Moves You
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Guliver’s travel
As a university student majoring in English literature, I have read numerous books.I also started to read various kinds of literature from many other countries includingEgypt and ancient China. But I must say that stories from Britain fascinated me mostas their literature works were mostly my taste. Among all the masterpieces inEnglish literature, the most memorable book I have read was ‘Gulliver’s Travel’written by Jonathan Swift. I enjoyed the entire wonderful journey of the maincharacter, and the well-described scenery made me imagine what it would be like tolive as the main character. However, I feel sad that there are not many people whoappreciate the beauty of the Gulliver’s Travel as many people consider this book as achildren’s story. I would like to introduce this book to Korean readers, so they canfind the unnoticed beauty of the Jonathan Swift’s book.
Since Gulliver’s travel is relatively well-known among Korean readers, most people know that this story is about aman whose name is Gulliver who travels all around the new world. However, many people only know a small part ofthis extraordinary journey. What many readers memorize from this story is probably about lilliput, in other words, acountry where small people live. However, lilliput is not the only place where Gulliver visited as he also traveled toseveral other countries. For example. Brobdignag, a country where huge people live, Laputa, an island floating in thesky and Houyhnhnm, a place where horses rule all human beings. To truly understand all the stories in Gulliver’stravel, it is not enough to only read the parts from lilliput. I strongly recommend people to go through all of thechapters from the original story. Then they may realize and appreciate the entire scale of the book. Since the originalstory contains many other places, the size of the whole book is pretty big and thick. This fact may scare off readerswho want to try and read it, but I was glad with this fact because I was able to enjoy many fascinating stories for along time.
Another pitiful fact that about Gulliver’s Travel is that it is considered a children’s story. This is true not only inKorea, but also in western countries. This piece of art was written during the 18th century when there was politicalcorruption. The writer, Jonathan Swift, represented these political issues in his work and sarcastically mocked thecorruption found in England. Sadly, some part of his original story was omitted and changed because of religionorganizations. While Gulliver’s Travel may seems like a story for children because of its absurd and groundlessimagination, it actually shows the historical background of Britain in the18th century. Therefore, readers can viewthis literature in a whole new different way.
As a reader of the Gulliver’s Travel, I was lucky that I was be able to experience this literature in a full-version. If Idid not, I might remember this work as a book filled with imagination for little children. Through that story, I wasable to experience many different worlds that I did not know beforehand, and I was able to have a chance to peekinto English history. I wish many people could view this book in a new way and realize the unknown beauty ofGulliver’s journey. There are also several movies based on the original story for readers who want to enjoy this storyin a visual way. I cannot describe how great this book really is in a few sentences. The only way to fully know thismasterpiece is to read it!

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