Something to Tell You from Foreign Teachers
Something to Tell You from Foreign Teachers
  • Yae-ji Cho, Ju-hui Seong
  • 승인 2014.03.10 15:42
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You might be excited as you think of March. For first year students the first semester is just the expectation of university. Among a lot of defferent kinds of expectation, they might hope to get along well with foreigners. Also, they may want to enjoy greeting new foreign friends. We spoke to two foreign teachers who can satisfy that desire of expectation. Say hello to the two of them when you meet them. They will more happily say hello than you do.

Aaron Adelsman
Why did you choose Korea?
In America, I once lived in the dormitory. There lived some Korean exchange students. Although they stayed for a short period, we hung out together. It was very enjoyable. Also, my brother had been to Korea for teaching. When I found another job, he recommend me to come to Korea. Therefore I decided to come here.
What was the most shocking thing in Korea?
When I worked at an English Academy, I was very shocked. In America, the relationship between boss and employees was horizontal. However, the boss of the academy wanted to be a god in the workplace. It was very stressful.
Why did you choose YU?
There was an acquaintance who got the job in Daegu. He recommended this job to me. Also, there are many students at YU, so I thought I could meet and teach different students.Is there your own strict rule of your class?
I think the most important thing students have to know is that participation is very important. Most of Korean students are afraid of speaking English, because they don’t want to make a mistake. However, they are not native English speaker, so it is natural not to be perfect.
Did you feel some difference of culture?
I was very surprised by the way Koreans treated people. It was different from American style. However I recognized Koreans were open. I could understand this way is how they show their love.
Is there any way to improve English conversation skills?
First, find someone who is not native English speaker, but good at English. He or she can explain the process more than native speakers. Most of them can’t explain how they learn English, because they do it in natural way. The next is the best way. Do the effective reading. Never stop reading! I recommend you to read “Leveled Readers.”

Tommy Vorst
When you came to Korea for the first time, what was your impression of Korea?
When I came to Korea at 2001, I couldn’t speak Korean at all. One day in a small restaurant, the female owner said to me, “Get out!” Then she took me to a second restaurant. I ate yummy ‘dolsot bibimbap’ there but I could not figure out the reason. Do you know why? The first restaurant was a Bosintang restaurant! I love Korean food but don’t want to eat dog soup. That was my first experience in my first week in Korea. Korean people are really kind.
Why did you choose Korea?
When I was in Canada, my girl friend broke up with me. So I wanted to go to where she was not. And the next year after I came to Korea in 2002, there was FIFA world cup. So I chose Korea as a destination.
I know you have a family and Korean spouse. How did you meet her?
Crossing the street, I met her for the first time. After several months, I saw her for the second time in friends gathering. I didn’t know that we have ever come across at that time. I returned to Canada and we were just e-mail friends during that time. In 2004, I came back to Korea again and we had dinner together. Like that we started to date.
Why did you choose YU?
YU gave the best answer to me. After I come to Korea, I submitted many applications and received many offers. In interview, I asked YU, “what do you require from me?” They said, “We have high standards. You should develope your capacity every year.” That caught my fancy.
Do you ever feel some difference of culture? Or something to feel bad or embarrass?
Um… I have one thing. K-pop music is generally terrible. My favorite songs tell the problem to make world better. Korean pop music doesn’t talk about important thing like suicide of high school seniors and the epidemic of plastic surgery. K-pop is too commercial. Music has so much power. Artists should use that power for good.

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