There Are No Common Rooms for Men in YU
There Are No Common Rooms for Men in YU
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There are common rooms for women but why aren’t there any common rooms for men at YU? Women common rooms were created for the purpose of relaxing when women felt tired or sick. Men are also human; they also get sick or tired and want to take a rest. In high school, there were offices such as the infirmary, but now there is no place to take a rest at YU for male students. Male students have been paying the same university tuition as female students, but why has the establishment of a space for men only cause so much controversy? Even if common rooms for men existed, there would be differences in setting when compared with those for women. Why are facilities for men always put on the back burner?

The situation of common rooms for women in universities located in Daegu and Kyeongbuk district
After visiting five Daegu-Kyeongbuk universities, it was noticed that all of them have common rooms for women and that the conditions are good. As a generalization, I compared YU with Catholic University of Daegu (CU). YU’s student-hall common room is only one floor and is quite big. Regardless of the season, female students can take a rest because there is a heating and cooling system. On the other hand, it doesn’t look so clean. In the case of CU, it has two floors. There are tables, sofas where students can study on the first, and the second floor has beds. Also, there is a heating and cooling system but the room looks cleaner. Other universities have similar structures and there is no problem taking a rest.

The reason why there is no common rooms for men
The typical reason is that the potential of losing the original intent is very high. It may quickly become a smoking room and lose its appeal to some male students. In addition, men may not take a rest but instead make a lot of noise. It might be difficult to keep it clean in comparison with common rooms for women. Finally, the right of the men is neglected because they assumed to be the stronger sex.

The necessity of common rooms for men
The common rooms are parts of student welfare, simply put, beyond the differing issues of women and men. Under article 10 of the constitution, all people have dignity and worth, and can pursue happiness as a human being and the state has to ensure this. Men are also human beings just like women. Sometimes they are also sick and if they are very tired, they have to have a break. Sleeping on beds is better than putting their heads down on desks. Also, it is better to sleep in break areas than in classrooms without worrying about other people. In addition, students who are commuting long distances to school hope to sleep regardless of the length of time.

Interview results of establishing common rooms for men (pros and cons)
The necessity of common rooms for men has been requested by male students. Therefore, The Observer listened to the opinion of both students and facilitiesmanagement staff. Ji-na Kim (false name) majoring in Int’l trade and Economic cooperation has a negative opinion. She said that the main reason this is a controversy is that a lot of men think that this is reverse sexual discrimination. Also, the original reason for establishing women rooms is to ease women menstrual pains. Therefore, the purpose of establishing common rooms for men is not reasonable. Additionally, she insisted that low-cost and high efficiency smoking rooms should be built instead. On the other hand, Yu-mi Choi, majoring in Landscape Architecture agreed with common rooms for men. She said that most people insist that men rooms will change into smoking rooms in a short time but this is a wrong interpretation. “Do all men smoke? Absolutely Not.” Also, she mentioned that, if we make rules prohibiting smoking or make smoking rooms at cafes, then we can resolve many of the worries. In addition, she insisted that men are also human and they also want to rest. If only women are able to take a rest in comfort, then it is unfair. Finally, I have listened to the opinions of a facility management staff. He said that it is good for men and fair. However, YU is currently suffering from lack of office space so making common rooms for men is very hard nowadays. If the space problem can be worked out, then the common rooms problem can be worked out. Furthermore, he explained that they should respond to students’ requests but it’s a pity it was not accepted.

The example of successful / failure operated common rooms for men
The case of Seoul Catholic University was that students were kicked out if they made too much noise. The students who lived far away and did not live in the dormitory could make good use those rooms during their exam period. In addition, in the case of Konyang University Gwanjeo campus students cannot carry items such as cigarettes and food. Of course, they are expelled when they cause problems. As you can see, there are successful examples of problem resolutions by introducing rules dealing unwanted behavior. On the other hand, In-ha university common rooms for men could not function because the facilities were very poor. There were beds and bedding in the women rooms but those in the men’s were old and dirty. Additionally, in the women’s there are working students who manage and clean the room while the men does not. Even with those terrible conditions, there are lots of male students who are turned away because there is no room for them.

We heard conflicting opinions regarding to the opening common rooms for men when interviewing many students. Additionally, most were concerned with the issue of smoking regardless of whether they agreed or disagreed with the issue. If common rooms for men open, they should operate correctly based on similar universities with successful cases by setting up and enforcing rules organized by the students themselves.

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