The Expending Benefit of Culture for Nation
The Expending Benefit of Culture for Nation
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Since the government designated this year as the year of culture, they have made many policies that they will be implement in March of 2014. The purpose of these policies is to improve the nation’s cultural level by giving more people a chance to enjoy various cultural environments than in the past. Some of these policies are the ‘MunHwa-Nuri Card’ for supporting cultural activeness in low-income bracket citizens and the ‘MunHwa-Pass’ that allows university students to get a discount on admissions at museums. These aim is to increase attendance of those who cannot afford to enjoy art galleries and theaters because of poverty. Also, the last Wednesday of each month is designed as a cultural day, so benefits like discount or free admission at national cultural places will occur. Also, there is a plan that major cinemas will provide a special discount at nighttime. Thanks to government’s efforts, our national culture will improve more than now.

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