The Useful System named “Y-type PSB”
The Useful System named “Y-type PSB”
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In Yeungnam university, Y-type PSB system has operated since 2013 fall semester. The Y-type PSB system allows non-business department students to listen business school lectures. This system is promoting creative and talented students who have a synergetic thinking ability by blending their major with that of business. The PSB system can be applied for by any student except business majors. Students are able to apply during the course registration period without any special selection process. If you complete the Y-type PSB system, you can get a Y-type PSB certificate when you graduate. The mandatory conditions to obtain a certificate are completing the mandatory 4 business subjects and 3 subjects related to business majors. In addition, you must acquire more than 21 credits upon graduation. Lastly, your overall cumulative GPA must be higher than 3.0. The Y-type PSB system is a good chance to gain business knowledge.

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