Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
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Confessions of a Shopaholic was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. The main character is Rebecca who is addicted to shopping. She has a best friend and her name is Suze and they share an apartment together. Rebecca’s shopping habit is uncontrollable and even though she really wants to be a perfect person she doesn’t really consider the people around her. She shops as if the mannequins can speak to her, and they command her to buy whatever she wants. For Rebecca, it’s always shop first and think about the cost later. Rebecca always does the same thing, she never considers her future, and she just enjoys herself and never thinks about what might happen. Shopping makes Rebecca happy and releases her stress.Rebecca always buys clothes, dresses, shoes, hand bags, and accessories because they look so pretty. It’s difficult to understand why she always buys new clothes or new dresses for every event even though she already has so many new dresses in her closet. Eventually, Rebecca’s increasing debt alerts her creditors. Initially she tries to avoid them by giving many excuses to the creditors. The creditors try to call Rebecca again and again, it’s the same thing, and Rebecca simply continues to give excuses to them. Finally, an obsessed bill collector looks for Rebecca at her workplace and finds her. From that point on Rebecca’s life becomes increasingly uncomfortable. She feels scared as she finally starts to consider what her future will be like if she continues her habits. Like it or not Rebecca realized she had to pay her debt, but she doesn’t have enough money to pay all her debts. Because of Rebecca’s bad habits she loses her best friend and the trust of others.This always happens in real life especially to women who really like to shop. We often want to buy things that we cannot really afford. Because of the temptation to own beautiful clothes we forget who we are. We should spend according to our needs and abilities. If we don’t we will be like Rebecca. At first we might be happy with the things we have, but we will ultimately suffer because of it. Beauty does not come from the clothes we wear. It comes from our hearts. As the expression goes,“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

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