Movies that Move You
Movies that Move You
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I saw the movie “Wish.” Recently Wish has become a popular topic because it is based on a true story. While watching the movie, most people feel rage and sadness at the same time. The actors in the movie do a very good job. I liked Seol Gyung Goo as usual. His acting is very natural and touching. After watching this movie, I considered its point of conflict. In the movie a criminal is released from prison after serving seven years. The criminal is able to resume his life like any normal citizen. However, the criminal’s victim is scarred for life. I think this is unfair. The law must be strict to vicious criminals. The audience experiences indirect emotion along with the victim and the victim’s family and friends. This movie doesn’t force the emotion on the audience. The audience naturally feels the sadness of the characters. It is obvious to anyone who has watched this movie that the criminal does not have any pangs of conscience. I also felt the judgment of the court was unreasonable. In this case all of the circumstances were not considered. If everything had been considered the punishment would have been severe. I hope this movie will have a positive impact on how violent crime is handled. Public concern must be maintained especially laws that deal with protecting children. These kinds of movies arouse the attention of society. Recently, many of these movies have come into the public spotlight. I think the attention being paid to this movie isn’t just momentary interest. This movie made me think about the present condition of our society. I think our country’s laws are strict for poor people and lenient for affluent people. Our society is very unfair. We must make our laws more equitable for poor people. I wish these movies become lasting concern. So these problems must be solved in public. All people must have concern.

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