Mass Protests against the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
Mass Protests against the 2014 World Cup in Brazil
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Although Brazil is for the most part in a festive mood due to the 2014 World Cup, some Brazilians oppose hosting the World Cup and have conducted mass protests since June 2013. The protests began because Sao Paulo announced an increase in bus fares, but the underlying reason is that the government spent too much money on preparations for the World Cup and then the quality of welfare and education fell. The budget for the World Cup is 28 billion real or roughly 13 trillion Korean won. This situation highlights the drawbacks faced by countries that host large international competitions and do not already have well established infrastructure and facilities. The new chairman of the International Olympic Committee emphasized the risk of protests recurring during the 2016 Rio Olympics. On 1st November, Brazilian security officials from federal and state levels said they were going to work together better to combat violent protesters.

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