The Hottest 2013 Colorful Daegu Festival
The Hottest 2013 Colorful Daegu Festival
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The 10th “Colorful Daegu Festival” was held in the Daegu downtown areas of Jungang-ro and Dongseong-ro from October 11th to October 13th. This festival was organized under the theme, “Color is good, Daegu is good.” “Oh! Ye~ Parade!” is the event slogan, and the main event was a colorful parade. With on looking citizens the “Daegu dancing & Artgee” team was awarded the grand prize with their high energy routine. The main purpose of this festival was to promote harmony with citizen participation. In addition, there were also many kinds of performances for citizens and art events that citizens could experience directly. This year’s festival was shorter compared to last year, and about 450 thousand citizens participated. The shorter length of the festival meant that not as many citizens could participate compared to last year, but due to the fact that citizens could participate directly the festival was still a success.

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